Bigs with Badges

The Bigs with Badges program logo.

Bigs with Badges (BWB) is a program aimed at recruiting local law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, etc. to serve as mentors to youth in our community. Meetings between the Big and Little take place anywhere from one to four times per month, with each interaction averaging one to three hours. The program is offered both in Community-Based as a one-to-one match, or Site-Based, where mentors assist his/her Little with schoolwork and take additional time to play or participate in sports activities at Boys and Girls Clubs or local Community Centers.

Program Goals:

The BWB goal is to build bridges between youth and badge-wearing officers. One-to-one mentoring between youth and officers helps children reach their potential, plays a role in building understanding, and bridges divides in our community. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ goal for BWB is to be part of the solution to the growing tension between many youth and law enforcement, decreasing violence in our community. Please contact us today to change the life of a child and the future of our community.

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