Community-Based Mentoring

A young man and his mentor playing a drumset.

Our community-based mentoring program is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters experience. It is all about building relationships between our volunteer mentors and their mentees. For a few hours, a couple of times a month the boys and girls of BBBS get to enjoy and share their favorite activities with our volunteers. They share their interests like shooting hoops, playing a board game, watching movies, taking a walk in the park, sharing a pizza, etc.

The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of the mentor, child, and child’s family. Some Bigs get together with their Littles on the weekends or in the evenings; other matches meet after school. There’s almost no one too busy to participate in this program and make a difference in a child’s life.

Married couples can also participate in this program together in our Family Match Program by becoming a Big Couple.

You must have your own vehicle and valid car insurance to participate in this program.

For more information on the Community Program, please contact us!

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